BMW Wrecks


We purchase all BMW models on a daily basis for dismantling to recycle quality genuine spare parts. The following is a sample of BMW vehicles we have recently purchased for dismantling. Contact us now on 09 262 3752 to enquire about auto parts for any of these vehicles or any other models you require.


2004 BMW E60 525I


Chassis: WBANB32040B361327
Details: 2.5L, Sedan, Tiptronic,
Damage: Cant Be Complied

Our Reference: 8W046


2009 BMW E60 525I


Chassis: WBANU520X0CZ87190
Details: 2.5L, Sedan, Automatic, F/L Model, 145,000KM
Damage: RHS & RHR Damage

Our Reference: 8W036


2012 BMW X3 F25


Chassis: WBAWX320X00B26502
Details: 2.0L, 4×4, Tiptronic, 35,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front & RHF

Our Reference: 8W027


2006 BMW E60 525


Chassis: WBANE52000CK64574
Details: 2.5L, Sedan, Automatic, 115,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front

Our Reference: 8W022


2007 BMW X5 E53


Chassis: WBAFA12080LW10363
Details: 4×4, Automatic, 116,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front & Rear

Our Reference: 8W021


2008 BMW E91 320I


Chassis: WBAVW72050A138070
Details: Station Wagon, 2.0L, Tiptronic, 117,000KM
Damage: Engine Issues

Our Reference: 8W009


2012 BMW F20 116I


Chassis: WBA1A120X0J201674
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 44,000KM
Damage: All Round Damage

Our Reference: 8W006


2009 BMW E70 X5


Chassis: WBAFE42060LK97772
Details: 4×4, Automatic, 91,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front & RH Side

Our Reference: 8W005


2003 BMW E85 Z4


Chassis: WBABT32040LS20168
Details: Convertible, Automatic, 119,000KM
Damage: Hit in Rear

Our Reference: 8W001


2004 BMW E60 525I


Chassis: Imported N/A
Details: Sedan, 2.5L, Automatic, 66,000 Miles
Damage: Cant be complied.

Our Reference: 7W141


2006 BMW E64 650I


Chassis: WBAEK12030B865422
Details: Convertible, 5.0L, Automatic, 100,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front

Our Reference: 7W137


2002 BMW E46 318Ti


Chassis: WBAAU52080KN42175
Details: Hatchback, 1.8L, Automatic, 140,000KM
Damage: Engine Issues

Our Reference: 7W130


2006 BMW E63 630I


Chassis: WBAEH32000B722390
Details: Coupe, 3.0L, Automatic, 91,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front

Our Reference: 7W127