BMW Wrecks


We purchase all BMW models on a daily basis for dismantling to recycle quality genuine spare parts. The following is a sample of BMW vehicles we have recently purchased for dismantling. Contact us now on 09 262 3752 to enquire about auto parts for any of these vehicles or any other models you require.


2004 BMW E46 330I


Chassis: WBABW52070PM02815
Details: Convertible, 3.0L, Tiptronic, 98,000KM
Damage: Minor Frontal

Our Reference: 7W094


2011 BMW X1 E84


Chassis: WBAVL32070VP92708
Details: 4×4, 2.0L, Tiptronic, 97,000KM
Damage: Hard Frontal & Minor Rear Damage

Our Reference: 7W091


2005 BMW E60 545I


Chassis: WBANA32010B361723
Details: Sedan, 4.5L, Tiptronic, 163,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front

Our Reference: 7W078


2006 BMW E60 530I


Chassis: WBANE72000CM19197

Details: Sedan, 3.0L, Tiptronic, 46,000KM
Damage: Fire Damage

Our Reference: 7W074


2007 BMW E83 X3


Chassis: WBAPC72050WG59202

Details: 4×4, 2.0L, Tiptronic, 150,000KM
Damage: Hit in Rear

Our Reference: 7W073


2006 BMW E91 320I


Chassis: WBAVR72060KW37879

Details: Station Wagon, 2.0L, Tiptronic, 150,000KM
Damage: Hit in Rear

Our Reference: 7W067


2006 BMW E90 323I


Chassis: WBAVB56050NE61637

Details: Sedan, 2.3L, Tiptronic, 89,000KM
Damage: Hit on LH Side, Noisy Engine

Our Reference: 7W066


2012 BMW F20 116I


Chassis: WBA1A12050VV23941

Details: Hatchback, 1.6L, Automatic, 18,000KM
Damage: Hit in Rear

Our Reference: 7W063


1998 BMW Z3


Chassis: WBACJ320X0LB28480

Details: Convertible, 2.8L, Automatic
Damage: Engine Issues

Our Reference: 7W042


2010 BMW X5 E70


Chassis: WBAFF02030L292972

Details: 4×4, Diesel, M/Sport Model, Automatic, 60,000KM
Damage: Water Damage

Our Reference: 7W036


2007 BMW X5 E70


Chassis: WBAFE82080LJ52563

Details: 4×4, Automatic, 4.8L, 273,000KM
Damage: Frontal Damage

Our Reference: 7W035


1988 E30 318I


Chassis: WBAAJ620203351490

Details: Sedan, Automatic, 1.8L, 273,000KM
Damage: Running Rough, Untidy

Our Reference: 7W030


2015 F20 116I


Chassis: WBA1A12010P0871434

Details: Hatchback, Pre F/L, Tiptronic, 1.6L, 46,000KM
Damage: LH Frontal Damage

Our Reference: 7W023


2014 BMW E84 X1


Chassis: WBAVL92080VX86709

Details: 4×4, 2.0L, 25,000KM
Damage: Front and LH Side Damage

Our Reference: 6W041