Mercedes Wrecks

We purchase all Mercedes models on a daily basis for dismantling to recycle quality genuine spare parts. The following is a sample of Mercedes vehicles we have recently purchased for dismantling. Contact us now on 09 262 3752 to enquire about auto parts for any of these vehicles or any other models you require.

2006 Mercedes Benz B200 W203

Chassis: WDD2452332J067318
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 135,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front
Our Reference: 7W143

2003 Mercedes Benz C200K W203

Chassis: WDB2037422A396816
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 100,000KM
Damage: Engine Issues
Our Reference: 7W136

2003 Mercedes Benz C200K W203

Chassis: WDB2037452A345273
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 139,000KM
Damage: Hit in RHR
Our Reference: 7W135

2005 Mercedes Benz ML350 W164

Chassis: WDC1641862A050047
Details: 4×4, Automatic, 115,000KM
Damage: Hit Hard in Rear
Our Reference: 7W129

2008 Mercedes Benz C200 W204

Chassis: WDD2040412A108333
Details: Sedan, Automatic, 59,000KM
Damage: Hit Hard in Front
Our Reference: 7W116

2009 Mercedes Benz C200 W204

Chassis: WDD2042072F434696
Details: Station Wagon, Automatic, 72,000 MILES
Damage: Hit to RH
Our Reference: 7W110

2010 Mercedes Benz A170 W169

Chassis: WDD1690322J506969
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 1.8L, 34,000KM
Damage: Hit LHF
Our Reference: 7W082

2006 Mercedes Benz ML320CDI W164

Chassis: WDC1641222A142117
Details: 4×4, Diesel, 3.2L
Damage: Suspension Issues
Our Reference: 7W034

2004 Mercedes Benz SLK180 W171

Chassis: WDB1714422F026457
Details: Convertible, Tiptronic, 1.8L, 129,000KM
Damage: Mechanical Issues
Our Reference: 7W025

2010 Mercedes Benz GL164 W164

Chassis: WDC1648222A638437
Details: 4×4, Tiptronic,
Damage: Water Damage
Our Reference: 6W159