Mini Wrecks


We purchase all Mini models on a daily basis for dismantling to recycle quality genuine spare parts. The following is a sample of Mini vehicles we have recently purchased for dismantling. Contact us now on 09 262 3752 to enquire about auto parts for any of these vehicles or any other models you require.


2007 Mini Cooper R60


Chassis: WMWMF72080TL38537
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 79,000KM, Diesel
Damage: Hit Hard in Front
Our Reference: 8W010


2005 Mini Cooper R53


Chassis: WMWRE32000TG90533
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 70,000KM
Damage: Hit in RHF
Our Reference: 8W004


2009 Mini Cooper R56


Chassis: WMWME32070TM77540
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 88,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front
Our Reference: 8W003


2003 Mini Cooper R50


Chassis: WMWRE32030TC73309
Details: Hatchback, Manual – 6 Speed, 158,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front
Our Reference: 7W139


2007 Mini Cooper R56


Chassis: WMWMF32060TT26895
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 144,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front
Our Reference: 7W134


2004 Mini Cooper R50


Chassis: WMWRC32090TG49551
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 175,000KM
Damage: Hit in RHR
Our Reference: 7W128


2004 Mini Cooper R50


Chassis: WMWRE32030TC81460
Details: Hatchback, Automatic, 127,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front & LH Side.
Our Reference: 7W060


2003 Mini Cooper R53


Chassis: WMWRE32010TC68769
Details: Hatchback, Manual, 141,000KM, F/L
Damage: RH & LH Damage
Our Reference: 6W117